Dirty facades and patios, slippery floors, inflitrations, stainable materials… For any problem, we can offer a two steps solution to clean and protect your surfaces.
With Guard Industrie products, protect your heritage and real estate investment.

Water and oil-repellent, soiling and graffiti protection for porous materials

Guard Slip Resistant®
Anti-slip treatment for slippery mineral surfaces

Guard Wash®
Rapid-action self-cleaner: removes all organic soiling on all materials
I. How can I keep my patio looking well-groomed?
Spring is the perfect time to give your outdoor surfaces a facelift!
With the warm weather comes an irresistible desire to reconnect with your garden, patio, and barbecue area. To make the most of them, they often need to be freshened up. This process begins with cleaning the patio areas in your garden, which bear the brunt of natural wear and tear, bad weather and pollution.
What sort of cleaners should I use?
This surface facelift operation requires powerful cleaners capable of deep cleaning to remove all dirt… but make sure never to use bleach! Bleach corrodes concrete, marble and brick, and becomes a real disaster when it seeps through the ground killing plants. To spruce up your patio, choose products that combine efficiency and respect for the environment.
Cleaners suitable for all types of dirt
The winter and bad weather leave your patio areas looking grey. Covered with leaves and blackened by pollution, they require deep cleaning. Start by brushing to remove as much residue as possible. Then, use Guard Wash, our rapid-action cleaner. Its self-cleaning action very quickly removes all types of organic soiling.
If your outdoor surfaces are covered with greasy stains, memories of last summers barbecues, use Guard Cleaner Eco Soiled Floors to degrease your barbecue area. Guard Cleaner Eco Soiled Floors is ideal for stripping concrete, cement, natural stone and tiled floors. Its strong degreasing power removes even the most resistant greases.
Rinse with care!                  
After applying the cleaning products, make sure you rinse your patio thoroughly. Beware! Using a high-pressure sprayer with its powerful jet damages and weakens the surface of your patio. This encourages the growth of lichens over time and allows dirt to penetrate more easily. Always rinse using a low-pressure sprayer or jet.
After cleaning, think protection
Cleaning your outdoor surfaces is good but protecting them is even better! To prevent dirt from building up on your patio areas, dont forget to apply a protective product. Guard Industrie protective products are designed to protect materials against water and dirt penetration. This ensures that your outdoor surfaces are protected in the long term. Discover how to select the protective product best suited to your needs here.

II. How to clean and protect your facade or wall
Professional advice to refurbish your facades or walls and protect them against water,stain and pollution.
Need to clean and protect your facade or wall?
Follow our pro tips, we show you the tools to use and the steps to follow to clean and protect your facade or wall.
Because yes, your outside facades also suffer many aggression: air pollution, bad weather, mosses …
They need to be cleaned regularly, and if you protect them they will last longer!
III. How to protect and enhance the colour of your floor
Professional advice to enhance the colour of your floors and protect them against water,stain and pollution.
Follow our tutorial to protect and enhance the color of your floor.
Furthermore, your floor will be protected against water, stains and pollution.
All the steps are detailed and easy to do, so do not hesitate to get started!

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