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 Seeing in the world that people apply the Nanotechnology Guard Industry (France) in heritage conservation projects around the world, recognized by UNESCO, Mr. Pham Duy Binh, Director of Pham Gia Nano Joint Stock Company, has seeking ways to bring nanotechnology products from abroad such as the brand Guard Industry (France), Everbrite (USA), Gard Group (Canada) to Vietnam. After that, he went to a number of historical and cultural sites to introduce and persuade managers to apply nanotechnology solutions to the restoration, care and protection of buildings.

1 year ago, the Thang Long - Hanoi Heritage Conservation Center appointed his company to carry out a pilot preservation of the components of Doan Mon archaeological excavation pit with nanotechnology. At that time, the archaeological site was moss, mold, lichen, the plants growing on the erosion tower combined with some other harmful factors (rain water, moisture, temperature ...) Adversely affect the monument. Every year, the unit managing the archaeological vestiges must use manual measures to handle the harmful factors, but the effect is not high. When assigned to pilot, Mr. Binh used the French Guard Industry to remove moss, grass, lichen, combat harmful factors, increase the linkage of the material molecules. He said nano coating on building materials will prevent the penetration of water, steam, acid rain, oil ... and has the ability to self-clean under the "lotus leaf effect" mechanism, and the object Is it possible to "breathe" (evaporation).
Vị trí phủ nano và hiện trạng xung quanh sau 3 năm thực hiện thí điểm tại Hoàng thành Thăng Long
After the pilot finished at Thang Long Imperial Citadel, Mr. Binh returned to Quang Nam with Cham relics. Recently, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Quang Nam has applied the pilot technology of nano Guard Industry (France) in the Cham tower relics in the province, with positive results. At the location before testing rotting, peeling, discoloring materials and having lots of moss, mold, after the experiment was treated with new technology, the tower construction materials were removed. ingredients mentioned above, surface texture is more guaranteed, colors are returned naturally, no patches, no change in material properties, dry surface, waterproof, environmentally friendly and have resistance to harmful agents ...
According to Pham Duy Binh, this nanotechnology is also applied in most areas of life such as: rehabilitation, care and preservation of infrastructure works, production of construction materials, machinery and equipment, consumer goods, oil and gas, telecommunications, electricity, transportation ... "I am willing to share and provide this technology solution for everyone," Mr. Binh said.

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